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Maine Enron Stock Fraud Attorney Resources offers a vast listing of the best US based attorneys including lawyers in Maine. The site has been carefully designed so that users looking for lawyers in Maine or other areas can home down on a lawyer by area and by legal speciality. The site hosts some of the top Maine attorneys and legal firms and has helped bridge the gap between the legal community and the clients.

In recent years, it seems that more and more cases of stockbroker fraud are coming to light, Most forms of stockbroker fraud are variations on the following methods - Churning: When a stockbroker engages in excessive trading for a client, he may be committing a type of stockbroker fraud known as "churning". Broker's fees are generally charged per transaction-so a broker may conduct a large number of transactions to generate commissions. One sign of this sort of stockbroker fraud is if the broker continuously sells winners at a small profit and keeps the losers. To prove that stockbroker fraud is taking place, you must establish that the pattern of trading on that account was excessive. Unsuitability: Another approach of stockbroker fraud is to recommend investments that are inconsistent with the client's ability to tolerate risk. Misrepresentation/Omissions: A broker may be accused of stockbroker fraud if that broker misrepresents or omits important information about an investment, and the client loses money as a result.

Courts in Maine

Maine State falls under the 1st Circuit. The website for the appeals court for this circuit is Maine State has the following courts -
Maine Bankruptcy Court
Maine District Court

Suggested Lawyers for Maine
Maine Auto Accident Lawyers
Maine car accident attorneys handling automobile injury accidents and other types of serious personal injury cases throughout Maine.

Hardy, Wolf & Downing: Maine Lawyers
Fighting for the rights of clients injured in car accidents. We will answer the questions you have. Offices in Lewiston and Portland, ME. Click here for information.

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  • Maine State Bar Association LRS Augusta, ME (207)622-1460 (800)860-1460 (Nationwide) Statewide

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  • Twenty-five percent of felony defendants in 2000 had an active criminal justice status at the time of the current charged offense, including 14% who were on probation, 13% on pretrial release, and 6% on parole.

  • Fifty-two percent of all felony defendants were convicted of a felony, and 12% were convicted of a misdemeanor in 2000.

  • Choosing a Lawyer
  • Should you choose a large lawyer or a small lawyer:
    The size of a law firm has no relation to how well your case will be taken up. A large law firm may seem well staffed and having a great office, but what you must see is whether they will take out enough time and effort towards your case. Large firms receive large cases that would figure above smaller cases in their priority list. A law firm with over 10 lawyers on its rolls can be considered a large firm.

  • Always make a comparison before choosing a lawyer:
    Before you choose a lawyer always make a good comparison by asking colleagues, friends and people associated with the legal profession. You can get some important information, which you would not get by simply visiting the law firm in question. Another good comparison is by finding out what other lawyers and legal web sites think about the law firm. A good site to find out about the standing of lawyers is

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